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Sunday, 28 August 2016

2 Feet Solutions SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) Intro | London Ontario Local London Ontario SEO Solutions provided by your friendly neighbourhood digital marketers.

Providing a bespoke internet marketing service, at 2 Feet Solutions in London Ontario you can rest assured that your business and clientele's needs are met and exceeded. Our Search Engine Optimization solutions coupled with our Lead Generation know-how will allow your company to reach heights you never envisioned.

Through the use of Google Maps and Organic Google Search Results our team of SEO Experts in London Ontario will craft a tailored solution to fit your organization's needs, locally, in London Ontario, and as far out as you wish to go.

Why London Ontario?

Because it's one of the greatest markets for emerging small businesses, especially on the internet and in the tech space.

What makes 2 Feet Solutions the best SEO Company in London Ontario?

The combined experience both in offline and online marketing coupled with the tenacity and willingness to provide the ultimate customer experience that goes above you regular PPC, aka Pay Per Click Campaigns, or your basic On Page SEO.

We bring the full package to Small Businesses, the type of stuff only agencies have access to.

You already know how important a strong online presence is for your business, you're on Social Media, liking pictures on Facebook, taking photos for Instagram, or maybe even Snapping on Snapchat.

You got your Company Profile looking all professional on LinkedIn and you've just started building out your E-mail Marketing Campaign that you hope to blast out to your loyal clients.

The question is, do you have loyal clients? Do you have enough? Do you want more?

Of course you do. That's the only possible reason you're reading this entire YouTube description. Hoping for some piece of knowledge, some value you can retain, some call to action or memorable nugget of knowledge that will benefit your life.

Well damn, that's a lot of pressure on an SEO.

But I'm not an SEO.

Wait what?

We're not just SEO experts, we have a combined experience in Marketing, whether it's Digital, Print, or Guerrilla tactics.

We' re actual local business owners, we've managed local businesses, and have spent time being employees at local businesses.

We understand the backbone that is Small and Medium Sized Businesses in today's economy.

Now you might be thinking through all of this, wait a minute... I don't even have a website, what can I do?

Well, you can begin by getting one, and while you're at it, register your business on Google My Business. Here's the link: Set up your page and get a verification code sent in the mail.

For your website, you can check out some Freelance Web Developers/Designers to contract the work out. You can check out some of your nieces and nephews that are computer savvy to do it.

I've seen that happen way more often than it should to be honest.


You can hire the professionals at 2 Feet Solutions for the best Web Design and Development Service in London Ontario and all of Canada.

You can check out our site here: and learn more about what we can do to 2x your ROI in very little time.

Our Online Advertising Experts have come up with a team of some of the best Internet Marketers to hit the internet in the last 5-10 years.

We are your full service, one-stop shop, for all of your Digital Marketing and Online Advertising needs.

For your Organic Traffic and Search Results we provide Local SEO executed by the best in the business of search engine optimization in London Ontario.

Our teams are locality-specific in order to maintain the highest standards of Quality Control in our operations and execution, for the sake and security of our clients and their intellectual properties.

We provide unrelentless data protection for all of our client data and ensure that your online information is kept safe at all times.

All of our Web Sites come with fully functioning safety features and software to thwart hackers and malware attacks.

If you're looking for more information and more of a DIY type of person, I have an all-out fully in-depth SEO Guide on the website.

You can also check out The Blog of 2 Feet Solutions for more great SEO information and Digital Marketing insights.

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